Faculty » Administration, Office, and Support Personnel

Administration, Office, and Support Personnel

Principal Tammy Fernandez [email protected]
Assistant Principal, APEIS    
Coordinator Adriana Del Toro [email protected]
SAA Edenia Santiago [email protected]
Office Technician Melissa Rojas [email protected]
Plant Manager    
Custodial Staff Diego Rodriguez  
Gifted and Talented Education Coordinator Jennifer Eils [email protected]
Resource Specialist Teacher Steven Uhrin [email protected]
Parent Center Director Erika Berganza  
Librarian  Maria Valenti [email protected]
Web Admin Connie Rozen [email protected]
Cafeteria Manager    
Cafeteria Staff    
LA's Best Jankarin Cabanas [email protected]
Speech Therapist    
Occupational Therapist    
Assistive Technology Support    
Adaptive PE    
Recreational Therapist    
Physical Therapist    
DHH Itinerant    
PSA Counselor