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Approved Snacks


Rio Vista Elementary has a current policy of no classroom parties.  This was initiated to maximize instructional minutes in each classroom, avoid situations where students experience allergic reactions to certain foods, and to comply with LAUSD's Wellness Policy.

Due to special dietary restrictions (including food allergies) of some students, we must enforce this policy to include student birthday celebrations and do not allow any type of food and beverage items such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candy, chips, or juice.

We do not recommend family celebrations of birthdays on campus.   However, if you would like to recognize your child’s birthday, we ask that you only bring a non-food item treat to share with his/her class.  Items to share may include a goodie bag with:  birthday pencils, crayons, bubbles, bookmarks, stickers, stationery, and/or arts and crafts items.  We ask that you notify and make arrangements with the teacher at least 1 day before.

The non-food item treats must be dropped off or brought in with the student in the morning.  The teacher will recognize your child’s birthday and distribute the non-food item treats to the class.  

Approved Snack Foods